The Company

Microtek is a skilled, expert and reliable partner for all taxi companies and cooperatives.

Founded in the 80s, Microtek was the first company in Italy to develop an electronic taximeter and since then the company has achieved growing success thanks to a number of successful experiences and entrepreneurial decisions, which identify highly qualified human resources as a key element.

Nowadays, more than 75 radio-controlled taxi companies all over Europe are provided with Microtek's technology: this is the evidence that Microtek is the ideal partner, providing technical advice and offering highly-customized solutions needed to manage modern taxi fleets.



Finallly you can get your taxi through the most evolved massaging systems such as, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Facebo...

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The Taxi Company in Pisa chose Microtek dispatching technology. Starting March 2015 the Taxi Callcenter in Pisa...

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“it Taxi” APP

"it Taxi" App (for iOS and Android devices) was developped by Microtek for URI (Unione Radiotaxi Italiani). "...

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Taxi 17 in Cologne

The new Taxi Callcenter in Cologne "Taxi 17 00 00" ( ) chose Microtek dispatching techology. The...

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